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1. What size is the motorcoach, how many passengers will it hold and what amenities are available?

We operate full-sized motorcoaches that will hold from 44 to 56 passengers. Most all of our tours utilize our "Tour Coaches" which are 44 passenger motorcoaches. Amenities on our Tour Coaches include: comfortable, reclining leather seats; foot rests; reading lights; individual directional airflow controls; cup holders; lap trays; pouches to hold your magazines, etc.; electrical 110v outlets at each seat; Wi-Fi; satellite TV and DVD player with individual controls when used with earbuds; galley kitchen area which includes coffee makers, microwave and refrigerator; and a clean onboard restroom. All tours also have a friendly on-board Tour Host to help tend to your needs.

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2. Are food and drinks allowed aboard the motorcoach? May I bring my own cooler?

Passengers are more than welcome to bring their own food and non-alcoholic beverages aboard the motorcoach. Plastic re-sealable bottles and cans are permitted; however, glass containers are not allowed. Small, soft-sided 6-pack coolers are permitted that can fit at your feet or under your seat. As we strive to keep our tours "Family Friendly," we do not allow any alcohol on board. Our Tour Host will have bottled water, coffee and a few light snacks available while you are on tour.

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3. How are seats assigned?

All of our tours have assigned seating to guarantee you have the same seat throughout the duration of your tour. Name tags will be displayed above your seat. We do our best to accommodate requests, however, assignments are made on a first-come, first-serve basis. Motorcoach assignments are placed front to back in order of payment. The earlier you make your reservation, with deposit, the better chance you have at being seated closer to the front of the motorcoach.

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4. Is smoking allowed onboard the motorcoach?

No. Smoking is prohibited on motorcoaches by federal law. We do make frequent stops in route at which time you may have a cigarette as long as you are at least 20 feet from the motorcoach door.

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5. Are you handicap accessible? May I bring my own motorized scooter on the tour?

Yes, our motorcoaches are ADA compliant with wheelchair lifts for those individuals who are wheelchair bound. Please make this known at the time of reservation as each wheelchair would utilize the space of 4 seats and availability is contingent on the number of passengers already reserved.

Yes, you may bring your own motorized scooter that may be stored underneath the motorcoach. Please be aware that are drivers are not allowed to dis-assemble or assemble these scooters, but will help assist getting them loaded/unloaded.

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6. Do you travel in inclement weather?

Yes. While safety is our number one priority, we do travel in inclement weather. The only time a tour is cancelled due to weather would be if the roads were shut down by law enforcement or the governor. Any "travel advisories" or "travel alerts" still allow travel and would not cancel our tour. Alternate routing or a delay in times could be presented during inclement weather. As you know, traffic and weather are both unpredictable and therefore Burlington Trailways cannot be held responsible for delays. While we make every attempt to allow ample travel time to avoid delays, we cannot predict an unforeseen circumstance. Please be aware that any tour that has tickets involved or any portions of the tour that are non-refundable to Burlington Trailways is also non-refundable to our passengers. If you decide to not travel due to any inclement weather, please know that no refund will be provided.

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7. Do you offer Travel Protection?

Yes. Travel Protection is available via Travel Insured and is highly recommended to protect your travel investment. We know that unforeseen circumstances and emergencies may arise and if they do, we want you to be able to be protected. Please call our Tour Office at 319-753-2864, ext. 162 for further information on policies available.

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8. How much luggage am I allowed to bring with me?

Each tour guest is permitted one piece of luggage to store underneath the motorcoach that should not exceed 62 total linear inches - a common size would by 27" x 21" x 14" - and should not exceed 50 lbs. Additional bags might be accepted on the day of departure but is based upon space availability and will not be included in any hotel baggage handling (the passenger is responsible to take additional luggage and carry-ons to and from their hotel rooms on their own). A small bag, backpack, etc. may be brough onboard the motorcoach to be stored in the overhead compartment. If you have items in this carry-on luggage that you may need during the night hours, please remember to bring it with you at the end of the day as the motorcoach is locked and our drivers must receive a set number of "undisturbed off hours" before returning back to the road.

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