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1. Can we smoke onboard a Trailways Chartered Motorcoach?

No; all motorcoaches are a smoke-free envirionment to all passengers onboard.

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2. Where can the Trailways Motorcoach pick-up our groups?

Trailways companies travel to you. We can pick-up passengers wherever you select and then travel to your destination.

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3. What other amenities are onboard a Trailways motorcoach?

All coahes are equipped with the following: Satellite, TV, DVD Players, AM/FM Radios, PA systems, Reclining Seats, Foot Rests, Large Scenic Windows, Individual Reading Lights, and WIFI Internet Connection.

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4. Where does Trailways store luggage; and, how much luggage can I take?

All of our vehicles have ample space to carry your luggage. A full-size motorcoach also has an overhead compartment inside the vehicle for one piece of held-hand luggage.

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5. What if our plans change while at our event, can we reach the Trailways driver directly?

We are happy to provide your group leader with our driver's cell phone number.
This number will provide you with a direct communication link should your plans change.

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6. Can Trailways drive straight through to our destination?

In order to provide the safest transporation to our clients, we comply with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. These specific rules dictate exactly how long a driver can be on duty and behind the wheel. Our logistics team charts the specific details of each journey to ensure safety, comfort and efficiency when planning every long-distance trip.

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7. Are Trailways motorcoaches restroom equipped?

Yes; all full-sized motorcoaches are restroom equipped.

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8. Our trip is overnight, do we need to arrange overnight accommodations for the Trailways driver?

Yes, we prefer that the group provides a single room for the driver.

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